Physical health insights

– Embracing Your Life –

Our name is our Phi losophy. The Greek letter Phi stands for many beautifully and perfectly designed forms in nature, scientifically described and defined as “Golden Ratio”, which can be found also in the composition of the human body. Phi with its Golden Ratio shows an overall best performance in our lives and nature. The green leaf with its content of Golden Ratio in its veins, symbolizes life and beauty of nature, which deserves to be protected as well as preserved, so do “YOU”.

green leaf

Mission Statement


Our today’s life is characterized by time pressure, sedentary occupation, fast and junk food and lack of movement. We all know the consequences like obesity, diabetes (already in kids), osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems and it is so easy to prevent us from all those dangers or to lead us back on agood track by implementing just some exercises into our lives, look more closely to what we eat to finally change our attitude to a healthy lifestyle to have more energy, to be physically and mentally fit and of course you have a complete different radiance.


Phi Sports Management is taking an overall holistic approach. We are driven by a vision to sow a corn which contains a whole bundle of life filling elements we want to grow in you. We want to make sports possible and loveable to everyone that more and more people love to do it regularly, to feel the effects, more energy, strong immune system, a well-shaped body, inner harmony and a well-functioning brain. So by just a little physical investment you can gain a priceless health with a priceless well-being. Of course, we all know there is a not easy way we have to go but after a time your efforts will pay off.
Embracing Your Life: This is our motto, our task and our promise, to help you change your attitude by implementing sports as a regular activity and to love and to embrace your new life!

Why Us

Phi Sports Management has an already long year history of Physical Education in all kinds of sports. We know, Physical Education is a necessary preparation to become a strong and healthy personality, to be able to withstand all obstacles in life, to face challenges without fear and to appreciate discipline as an important value to achieve best performance.

Our special focus is on safety & individual care for the kids’ needs and with this in mind we can be proud of many recognizable developments.

Phi Sports Management did a lot of pioneering work to implement Karate Sports in Abu Dhabi. With our Phi Karate TEAM we could achieve many first places in Abu Dhabi in the past 5 years, also first places in the UAE. We participated in international competitions in Ireland (under the JKA World Association) and Austria as well as in the Première League in Dubai. We are member in the UAE Karate Federation as well as in the UAE Muay Thai and Kickboxing Federation. And our best qualified coaches & trainers have achieved best results in our gymnastics and ballet classes as well as in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Phi Sports Management is furthermore the only representative for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in Abu Dhabi. ISSA is one of the most recognized sports associations globally to offer seminars teaching the latest scientific findings in nutrition & fitness.

Karate Sports in Abu Dhabi

Our Kids


We all love our kids. We want them to find their way into life, to be strong, physically as well as mentally and to withstand all challenges they will meet in their future. To help your kids grow in every sense of the word by a synthesis of education and enjoyment forms our approach, teaching a balanced mixture offering all the fitness activities your kids love with Karate as our main activity but also a bunch of fitness activities to choose from. Not only will they learn to compete with each other peacefully and respectfully accomplishing step by step the next level to self-esteem and pride as well as self-confidence but also to be in a good shape to possess power and strength for building up their lives.

In seminars and workshops we give our vision to a new kind of trainers, who, with much empathy but also sufficient authority will be able to do this highly responsible job with special focus on safety and the individual person! Because: Our kids deserve the BEST!



Head Office in Germany:
Wilhelm-Busch-Str. 79
Falkensee, Germany

Main Office in Abu Dhabi:
Hamdan Street, Al Gaith Tower
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Phi – Sports Academy
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Al Mushrif Area
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