PhiSports Management tries to implement an awareness into our fellow citizens for the own health, to start feeling responsible for working on the own body to gain strength, energy, resistance and to strengthen the immune system to achieve an overall physical and mentally well-being which reduces significantly the risk of  cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and other civilizational illnesses.

Physical health insights

PhiSports Management

This is why we also want to promote body awareness and health through an increased integration of physical education in schools & nurseries.
We decided for the Greek letter Phi φ to be our logo whichas a symbolrepresents inter alia the striving for perfection in nature (strength, energy & beauty in body & mind).

Why Unique

We care. We care about you and your kid with our focus on safety & protection.
Our unique approach and our long year experience show the difference and an allover satisfaction:

What makes us Unique

  • Best qualifications of our trainers & coaches
  • Internationality
  • Special focus on safety
  • Special care for the kids’ needs
  • Client first policy
  • Only ISSA*representative in Abu Dhabi (*ISSA International Sports Sciences Association)
  • Only JKA*representative in Abu Dhabi (*JKA Japanese Karate Association)
  • Test Center: Authorization for conducting international exams in ISSA, JKA and WKF* (*World
    Karate Federation)
  • Many years of experience, achieving best places in local & international competitions in Karate
    (PhiKarate TEAM)
  • Many years of experience in managing sports classes in nurseries & schools